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What is the baptist bird and john the baptist?
John the Baptist is the man who baptized Jesus Christ in the Jordan river and who became one of his first twelve disciples.
John the Baptist is also Jesus’s cousin. As for the baptist bird, once Jesus became baptized,
the heavens opened and The Holy Spirit came down in the form of a dove that landed on Jesus’s shoulder.
Then God said this is my son.


Is the Baptist church named after john the Baptist?
No. Both Baptists and Anabaptists have their names deriving from the idea that they would “re-baptize” people.
By 1500’s it had become normative to practice the Christian rite of baptism on infants as an expression of faith of the parents.
Both Baptists and Anabaptists believed that baptism is to express the faith of the individual.
Therefore, people who joined Baptist or Anabaptist groups were required to undergo “believer’s baptism” even if they had been baptized as infants.
John the Baptist was described as such because his most famous role in the Bible was as the one who baptized Jesus.
Even though John did practice believer’s baptism, he was not a “Baptist” in the Christian sense. John’s baptism was a Jewish baptism of repentance.
(The English term “baptize” is simply the transliteration of a Greek word meaning to dip or immerse.) It was pre-Christian.


What was St. John the Baptist known for?
John the Baptist is known for being a cousin of Our Lord.
He dressed in coarse animal hair clothing and lived in the desert, eating honey and insects.
He preached a baptism of repentance to prepare the people for the arrival of Our Lord.


Are John the Baptist and St John the same?
No they are not the same:Description:
Saint John of God was born in 1495 at Montemoro Novo, Evora, Portugal to a very poor couple.
Following an impulse of his heart, he ran away from home to become a shepherd in Madrid, and then later, joined the Spanish Army.
At the age of 40, John returned home to find both of his parents dead.
Stricken with guilt, he devoted himself to the ransom of Christian slaves in Africa.
Years later, John found himself in Granada, Spain. After attending a sermon given by John of Avila, his heart was once again moved to change his life.
John of God discerned his true vocation and started a hospital for all the poor and sick in Granada.
In his hospital he created an atmosphere of welcome, peace and hospitality. After 10 years spent in the service of the suffering,
Saint John of God’s life came to an end when he contracted an illness of the heart.
He died in 1550 and was canonized in 1690.
He is recognized today as the patron of those suffering with heart disease. His feast day is March 8th.
Saint John of God, Pray for Us.

Why do we call John the baptist John the baptist?
Repent and be baptized. This meant a turning around from Godlessness and a dedication to God’s purpose.
He also preached that a Messiah was to come and to prepare for Him.