Dedicated for lovers

Posted: 22/12/2010 in Heaven

Never allow your partner or yourself to denigrate the other.

You must have personal respect and consideration for yourself.

Everyone deserves respect and love, but you can’t expect to get it unless you give it.

If you allow your partner to disparage you, expect to hear other damaging words.

Whatever you are willing to accept is exactly what you’re going to get.

Be compassionate, understanding, forgiving and merciful.

Patience, kindness, consideration and thoughtfulness can never be in short demand.

Never let a person use names or words to hurt or degrade you or your partner.

Vow to protect yourself from thoughtless, rude, mean or punishing behavior.

If destructive words are being used, for whatever the reason, it must Stop. If not, a relationship can’t survive.

Once you’ve reacted you can then be proactive.

A controlled mouth shows a controlled mind.

Use words for empowerment, encouragement and positive recognition.

Ask for respect. Quietly demand it.

If your lover, partner, parent or friend can’t exhibit self control over their mouth, seriously consider looking elsewhere for a relationship.

Pick an appropriate the time to discuss important issues.

This is particularly true if there is an emotional charge where feelings of anger or vexation need to be vented.

Never enter into discussion of personal, private or intimate issues in public.

Wait until you have privacy and the time to tackle issues.

If a person makes a mistake, or does something that disappoints or angers you, belittled or bad mouthing them in front of others will only lead to further resentment, anger and frustration.

Trying to discuss things in bed just before sleep, or while getting ready for bed is simply thoughtless, inconsiderate and a remedy for disaster.

Trying to discuss anything when the other person won’t cooperate or take the time to talk is a waste of time. If necessary make a date to talk.

If the person keeps on delaying or avoiding conversation or discussion on issues that are important or significant to you, you may need to put it in writing and place it in their hands.

Talking is good for closure of some issues. And, unless allowed, will create a wound that won’t close.

You can never truly waste your thoughts and words on the separated or departed. Life and thought continues.

Romance doesn’t just exist, you must make it happen. You must make a sincere effort to keep it alive to help your relationship flourish.

Little things count, it doesn’t have to be a dozen roses and champagne all the time.

A favorite piece of candy in a pocket or a little note can mean a lot.

Commit yourself to do something romantic every day.

Show it. Demonstrate it. It’s the accumulative total of all the little things that in end adds up to a super special love and romance.


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