Rules for Finding Love

Posted: 04/06/2010 in Heaven

Be Yourself
*Might as well get it all out in the open now

Get over it before you get on with it
*Do yourself a favour,go away and hide somewhere while you clear your wounds

You wont be happy with your partner untill you are happy on your own
*Far too many ppl stay in unhappy relationship because theyre scared to be alone.

You’ll know them when you meet them
*If you arent sure right at the beginning,tht’s normal

Choose someone who makes you laugh
*A sense of humour will last you long after everything else has gone

Being less than a 100% attractive is a great filter
*Anyone worth having will love you for yourself

Dont keep making the same mistake
*You have to decide wheather to commit your life to a strings of failed relationship

Certain ppl are off limits(you know who they are)
*I dont know where you draw the line.But you do.

You cant change ppl
*Everyone can be irritating from time to time in a relationship(including you)

Relationship arent about sex
*The danger is that you’ll mistake lust for love

Get to know someone through all the seasons before making any major decisions
*if this is really the right person to be with,waiting 12 months will be well worth

Dont stay with someone who doesnt care
*You want a partner who makes you feel special because you are

If you cant trust them,you havent got a realtionship
*Maybe you’ve been lied to in the past and you find it impossible to trust ppl

Be honest(while you still have the chance)
*The crusial thing is not to lie

Dont play games
*The only way to begin a relationship is as you mean to go on

Dont tar new partners with old brushes
*Lots of things in life follow the same basic principle every time,but that doesnt apply to partners

Check you both have the same shared goals
*Before you make any serious commitment you really need to hammer this stuff out

You cant make someone love you
*Maybe you can try to change,to become the person they really want

Be cruel to be kind
*Leave everyone free to get on with their lives

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